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Song of Songs Bath Salts

Song of Songs Bath Salts


Ylang Ylang & Rose Magnesium Bath salts are the perfect pampering gift to unwind, relax, and promote a romantic ambiance. Magnesium sulfate, Himalayan pink salt, and Pink Kaolin clay are beneficial to relaxation and supporting the body's detox process. Scented with luxurious oils of Ylang Ylang, Rose Absolute, and Ho Wood create a feminine floral fragrance that also has therapeutic benefits. Ylang ylang and Rose are known for aphrodesiac qualities, reducing anxiety and depression, boosting mood, and nourishing the skin. Ho wood is another calming essential oil that smells similar to Rosewood and can soothe the skin and may ease respiratory symptoms from the common cold.


8 ounces of bath salts.

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